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Virtual Job Fair
For Early and Mid-Career Professionals
Friday, February 2 2024
12:00–4:00 pm
Past Event
Friday, February 2 2024
12:00–4:00 pm

Virtual Job Fair
For Early and Mid-Career Professionals

Friday, February 2 2024
12:00–4:00 pm

Virtual Job Fair
For Early and Mid-Career Professionals

Are you a design student, recent graduate, or early to mid-career professional looking for a new role?

Dive into AIGA NY’s virtual job fair, tailored for those in the first five years of their design career. Meet and connect with leading New York creative agencies and studios, gain insights into the daily experiences of their designers, and discover what they seek in upcoming talent. Our AIGA NY board members will also be at our Advice Booth to offer career guidance.

Seize this opportunity to advance your design career. Remember to check out the FAQs below and save the date!

This year’s Job Fair is completely free courtesy of our generous sponsors at CASE.

Join us and step confidently into your design future!

If your company is interested in participating you can register  here.

  • 12:00 pm Virtual Job Fair begins
  • 4:00 pm Virtual Job Fair ends
  • Attendees Free

Participating Companies

More companies to be announced!


Strategy-driven and design-obsessed, CASE creates, recharges and activates iconic beauty, lifestyle, and wellness brands. Since 2004, we’ve partnered strategically with global brand leaders and disruptive indie founders to understand their audiences, articulate their unique points of difference and define their identities. From mega brands like The Shiseido Group, The Estée Lauder Companies, and Johnson & Johnson, to indie darlings like OUAI and Summer Fridays, to unicorns like e.l.f. Beauty, we love helping brands launch, transform and connect with their consumers around the world.

Decker Design

Join Decker Design, which is female-founded and led. Founded in 1996, we specialize in crafting strategic brand identities and web sites for the legal and financial sectors, blending stability with cutting-edge design. At Decker Design, you won’t just be part of a team but at the forefront of shaping compelling visual narratives. Our intimate, collaborative environment is perfect for creative minds eager to learn, grow, and leave a lasting impact in the design world. Decker Design is your canvas if you’re passionate about transforming abstract concepts into powerful visual languages. Let’s set new standards for design excellence.

Donors Choose

We make it easy for anyone to help a teacher in need, moving us closer to a nation where students in every community have the tools and experiences they need for a great education. Website:

Google Creative Lab

A team of designers, writers, programmers, filmmakers, producers and business thinkers that spend 99.9% of our time making. We are a small team that pushes for an impact that outweighs our footprint. Our job is to help invent Google’s future and communicate Google’s innovations in ways that make them useful to more people.

Group SJR (Looking for interns)

We’re Group SJR, a team of creators and storytellers that want to see the best and brightest get brighter. This is where passion meets discipline and wild optimism joins unwavering rigor. Who knows what will happen?

Koto Studio

We’re optimists building brand and digital for the most impactful companies of today and the founders defining tomorrow. Website: Koto Studio


Madeo is an award winning creative agency with a focus on social impact. We are an inclusive and diverse team of strategists, designers, writers, project managers and web developers. We value mission-driven work that relies on empathy, analytical thinking, and collaboration.

Our clients tackle today’s challenging issues. They invite us to partner on their brands, websites, digital products, and interactive campaigns — projects that inspire people to take meaningful actions. Some of our clients include the Innocence Project, the Equal Justice Initiative, STOP Tobacco, Echoing Green, MIT, and Girls Leadership.


Pearlfisher is an independent brand design agency in London and New York. We are a visionary group of Futurists, Strategists, Designers and Realizers. By understanding, imagining and expressing change, we create simpler, lighter, more desirable ideas for the future. We design for life.

Evie Porwick - Recruiter

As a former graphic designer and now headhunter, Evie Porwick has a unique insider perspective on the creative job search. She has been a leader in the business of design and recruiting for over 25 years. Evie founded the recruitment firm Evie Porwick/FPO, LLC. FPO places all levels, full-time and freelance, within all disciplines including branding, digital, packaging, innovation, etc. for small boutique shops to bigger branding agencies, fashion houses, digital tech, start-ups and in-house institutions. FPO matches talented designers, strategists and account staff with happy clients. Evie is a graduate of RISD and worked as a graphic designer in several leading New York firms prior to starting FPO.

In addition to recruitment, Evie loves speaking at schools and conducting workshops. She is a long-time member of the RISD Alumni Club of NYC and actively participates in RISD’s National & International Portfolio Days, as well lectures at Parsons and participates in AIGA talks and virtual job fairs. In her casual and informative speaking engagements and workshops, Evie covers the full gamut from tips on creating competitive portfolios and resumes, interviewing and presenting work, and negotiating salaries and rates. She also provides valuable insight into current industry trends, employers’ needs, and the industry as a whole.


R/GA is an international advertising agency with offices all over the world that work in multi-faceted products and services to help clients build and grow their business and brand.


RTR BAG is a Design and Manufacturing of Luxury Packaging for Retail and Wholesale Products Cosmetics, Clothing Food & Beverage Hospitality Industrial


SYLVAIN is a strategy and design consultancy that provokes progress for companies, people, and society at large. We believe when commerce and culture unite, real progress is possible. Founded in
 2010, SYLVAIN recently joined Kyu Collective, a group independently-led companies that share the mission. We have offices in New York City, Richmond, VA, Los Angeles, CA, and Amsterdam, NL.

Wix Playground (resource)

Wix is a design-first tech company with an in-house design studio of over 300 creatives, positioning us firmly at the forefront of design, technology and innovation. Our Wix representatives would love to connect with you and provide advice around your portfolio. And we just launched a designer-focused product, Wix Studio, that we would love to introduce.

Important FAQs

What should I expect?
The purpose of the Virtual Job Fair is to meet and connect with people who work at a variety of different companies and learn about their design culture. You should expect company reps to go over hiring practices and be prepared to answer some basic questions.

How do I log into the virtual booths?
On the day of the fair you will see all the different companies and their Breakout Rooms. You will be able to access them during the event.

Can I log in if I’m not a student or recent graduate?
You’re more than welcome to attend but do know that the event is geared towards our student and emerging designer community.

Will I be presenting my portfolio?
In short, no. The purpose is for information gathering and not a time to pitch to companies. You are welcome to follow up with the representatives afterwards, they will provide contact information. We do ask for your website/portfolio when you register. Your information is then shared to all participating companies.

No portfolios? What will be discussed in the booths?
We encourage you to bring questions for the representatives. Common topics include hiring procedures, timeframes, and qualities the company looks for in a designer.

What time should I log in?
The Virtual Job Fair will be open from 12-4pm. Feel free to come anytime during the fair, but do know you will probably not have enough time to visit every virtual booth. We encourage you to visit the companies that interest you first.

What should I wear?
The Virtual Job Fair is a casual event with no need for formal wear. Just be yourself! Please be prepared to have your video on.

Should I do any preparation?
Yes! Before attending review the participating companies and come prepared with questions for the companies you would like to go to first.