The Event

As designers we often take the time to create experiences for clients, but rarely do we take the time to reflect on how design jobs are changing, and explore the best way to position ourselves for career success in the ever changing tech industry. Join Senior Designer, David Fisher as he shares his own career journey and walks you through an interactive future mapping exercise that he often uses with clients at ustwo. You will explore your current strengths and passions and how these map to industry trends in the next 3-5 years.

David Fisher / Product Lead / ustwo
David is a Product Lead at ustwo – a digital product studio that forges best in class digital experiences in partnership with the world’s leading brands. Over the course of the last ten years, David has led projects across a spectrum of industries and top tier brands including Facebook, Foursquare, Credit Suisse, JP Morgan, UBS, Barclays, Saxo Bank, Tesco, American Express, Worldpay, Toyota and Google, amongst many others. Alongside client work, David writes and speaks about how digital design practice is evolving alongside the bleeding edge of technology, with a focus on the fields of AI and Cryptocurrency.

Annie Laurie Malarkey / Partnerships Manager / ustwo
Annie Laurie is a cultural producer, host, and strategist, bringing creative leaders together to explore new ways of thinking and working. Annie Laurie currently leads events and partnerships for the digital product studio, ustwo. She previously led the program strategy for the Made in NY Media Center, an incubator and collaborative workspace in partnership with the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment and IFP. Annie Laurie has also led partnerships and event initiatives for, where she created innovative programming to help entrepreneurs and small business owners succeed in the digital age. She started her career on the Photos Team at Google, representing the voice of the user to the engineering and management teams. Annie Laurie earned a BA in Sociology from Wheaton College in Massachusetts.