Demonstrating design's impact & cultivating the future of design in New York City.

The AIGA NY Mentoring Program has been providing creative professionals with the opportunity to make a difference in the life of an ambitious young high school age artist for 25 years.

The AIGA NY Mentor program kicks off in the fall and gives professionals the chance to work with talented, ambitious students from the New York City High School of Art and Design. If you are interested and an AIGA NY member, please email Anjali.


What makes our program unique is our focus on building relationships between students and mentors around the local design community. We are constantly improving our programming which focuses on exposing our students to various forms of design and providing them with opportunities to explore and excel in their design career. As an example, we have successfully worked with the AIGA NY Board to introduce scholarships, create more workshops for students such as our own college night and programming throughout the year that is always free and/or low-cost.

Mentors and students are asked to make minimum 2-year commitment during which pairs meet one-on-one with a goal of spending at least four hours together monthly. While pairs are invited to participate in planned programming, they are also encouraged to meet independently to develop a relationship and bond that is uniquely suited to them.

Additionally, the program has had continued support from the New York City Department of Education (DOE), falling under their NYC Mentoring Program umbrella. This gives the means to provide DOE sanctioned training to all professionals being onboarded as mentors.


Program Coordinators

Sabrina Hall

Anjali Menon


AIGA NY is grateful to the following individuals and organizations for the partnership and support they’ve dedicated to these specific efforts over the last year:

Financial support and organizational partnerships are critical to the impact of AIGA NY’s programming.