AIGA/NY is open for sponsorships at the event or chapter level. In addition to the opportunities outlined below, AIGA/NY can develop custom sponsorship programs. For additional information, email us.



Sponsor one of our large events featuring prominent speakers or topics held at a major venue such as the Parsons, The New School for Design in Greenwich Village, SVA Theater in Chelsea or the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in Midtown. Past topics include In The Museum, Design x Fashion, Fresh Grad, and presentations by today’s biggest brands and designers.

—Approximately 450-500 attendees per event


Audiences find big, provoking, inspiring and delightful ideas in an intimate. Emerging and veteran designers as well as other creatives share stories about projects, careers or passions. Opportunity to sponsor events hosted by the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) at Columbus Circle.

—Approximately 100-150 attendees per event


Chapter Presenting Sponsor

—Recognition as the Chapter Presenting Sponsor
—Approximately 60-70 Events per year
—Includes benefits listed for all Event Series, Big Events
—Right of first offer on sponsorship of special programs

Event Series Presenting Sponsor

—Recognition as the Event Series Presenting Sponsor
—Integration on Sponsor webpage, each Event page and e-newsletters
—Verbal/visual acknowledgement at each Event
—Sponsor table and giveaway opportunities at each Event
—Approximately 10 Events per series per year (20 Postscripts)
(Available series: Small Talks, Member Series, Design +,
Breakfast Club, Community, Workshops, Postscript)

Single Event Sponsor
$4,000 (Big Talk Event)
$2,000 (Single Series Event)

—Recognition as the Event Sponsor
—Integration on Sponsor webpage, the Event page and e-newsletter
—Verbal/visual acknowledgement at the Event
—Sponsor table and giveaway opportunities at the Event

Large Talk Reception Sponsor

—Recognition as the after event social networking Sponsor at the large events
—Integration on Sponsor webpage, each Event page and e-newsletter
—Verbal/visual acknowledgement at each Event

Mentoring Program Sponsor

—Recognition as the Mentoring Program Sponsor
—Integration on Sponsor webpage and Mentoring website*
—Verbal/visual acknowledgement at mentoring events
*upon High School of Art & Design and NYC DOE approval